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Let us show you how to take care of your antique furniture, as some of it can be worth thousands of dollars. Some pieces of antique furniture are worth even more. Some chemicals can give an instant shine, but can damage furniture in the long run. Let us tell you how to overcome all these issues.

Restoration of antiques can improve upon their value. This way, you can keep your prized vintage antiques and collectibles looking as good as new. All of the following tips and tricks were gleaned from other sources. The Antique Furniture Care Site does not endorse any of them. We include them here because they represent a body of knowledge which has worked for many people over the years. They probably haven’t worked for everybody and may very well be responsible for a few ruined antiques for all we know.

Image result for Wood FurnitureAmish Furniture is lovely to look upon, and this is likely why we constantly get requests to add amish furniture pictures to our website. We are more then happy to add these pictures to our website, so you can browse and find the antique furniture that you love and cherish. We have a number of different photos here that you can browse. amish dining room furtniture includes antique chairs, chests, antique desk furniture, antique Kitchener furniture, Victorian, Indian antique furniture, and much more. Be sure to check back often as we constantly add new antique furniture to the mix. You can also use the contact page to let us know if there is a specific piece of antique furniture that you want, that you
are having trouble finding.Always try hearsay advise on pieces that are expendable before you risk your better antiques or collectibles and if you have an old trick related to antique care & repair, send it in. We’ll add it to our page and if you like, credit you for it. The following are commonly popular in the Antique industry & collectibles:
  • Acutrim, Alabaster, Aluminum, Books
  • Bottles Brass, Bronze, Candles, Carvings China & Porcelain, Clocks
  • Copper & Brass, Crystal & Glassware, Dolls & Teddy Bears, Furniture & Wood Products
  • Gold, Granite ware, Horn, Iron & Steel, Ivory, Jewelry, Leather, Lamps, Linens
  • Needlework & Textiles, Magazines, Marble, Steel, Mirrors, Miscellaneous, Newspapers & Magazines Nickel ware, Paintings, Paper, Pens & Pencils, Pewter, Phonograph Records, Photographs, Pottery Prints, Silver, Soapstone, Statuary & Carvings, Textiles
  • Tin ware, Tortoiseshell Varnishing & Painting, Wooden-ware