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Antique bookcases are marvelous to gaze upon. They can sometimes cost hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. No joke! We have some on this page ranging from the $200 mark all the way up to $700, and more. There are not too many antique bookcases left out there on the market anymore, obviously because most of these pieces are older to equate the value or newer but in limited production. We even have a selection of antique bookcases here that are suitable for a child’s use! If you are looking for a bookcase for your child to use, then please take a look through and see if there’s anything you like. The bookcases on this page can help to hold your child’s books, collectibles, or whatever is required.

Be sure to browse through until you find something you like. If you are unable to find something that you like, be sure to use our contact us form to let us know what you are after. We will do our best to get it added to the website as soon as possible.