ORWC Demands That Local Government Officials Help Foreclosure Victims

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MARCH 1 – Occupy Redwood City (ORWC) is proud to have been joined by Occupy San Jose (OSJ), the Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment (ACCE), members of other local Occupy groups, and members of the Mid-Peninsula American Dream Council in rallying around Gloria Takla, a 72-year-old Redwood City resident whose home is being foreclosed on by JPMorgan Chase. Gloria’s problems stem from a negative amortization (predatory) loan she got seven years ago with a $150,000 down payment. With this loan her monthly payment jumped by over a thousand dollars. Gloria’s foreclosure date is Monday, April 9.

Although Gloria’s original foreclosure date was December 14, repeated actions by ORWC, OSJ, ACCE and other concerned community members have managed to delay Gloria’s foreclosure. Unfortunately, despite promises to work with Gloria Chase has continued to rebuff her requests for a loan modification and principle reduction.

In light of San Francisco Assessor Phil Ting’s recently released report[1] that 84% of nearly four hundred foreclosure actions in San Francisco involved some direct violation of the law, ORWC calls upon City and County officials to do their part and keep the 99% in their homes through swift action. ORWC demands:

  • that San Mateo County Assessor Mark Church conduct a similar investigation in our county to identify the pattern of irregularities and violations
  • that Mr. Church join Phil Ting in asking Attorney General Kamala Harris to investigate, because the pattern of violations almost certainly goes beyond San Francisco
  • that San Mateo County District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe move towards indicting lenders and their executives once the full extent of their illegal actions in our county are revealed
  • that San Mateo County Sheriff Greg Munks join sheriffs across the country in refusing to execute foreclosure orders until the patterns of abuses around lending and foreclosure evictions in our county is better understood
  • that Redwood City Attorney Pamela Thompson seek an injunction against further foreclosures in our city until the full extent of irregularities and violations are determined, and

ORWC knows that there is nothing in the recent federal settlement over fraudulent mortgage activity that prevents local officials from taking these sorts of action: nothing prevents Mr. Church from investigating foreclosures in our community, Ms. Thompson from seeking an injunction against further foreclosures, or Mr. Wagstaffe from indicting lenders and their executives. ORWC is proud to have stood with their allies and with concerned citizens from across the political spectrum today in front of the San Mateo County Superior Court and outside the Redwood City Chase branch to support Gloria Takla. As Occupiers, as Redwood City residents, and as concerned community members we call on government officials to serve our community by doing their part to keep Gloria and others like her safely in their homes.


1. San Francisco Assessor Phil Ting’s report revealed that nearly 100% of the 382 foreclosure actions in San Francisco between January 2009 and October 2011 had at least some irregularities, with direct violations of the law in 84% percent of the cases.

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