ORWC Stands with Labor, Calls for Local Hiring and Affordable Housing

(This was our press release for 13 February 2012.)

Media Contact:
James Lee
ORWCMedia at Gmail.Com



FEBRUARY 13, 2012 @ 7 PM – Redwood City, City Hall
Occupy Redwood City is proud to join IBEW Local 617, Painters Local 913, Sheet Metal Workers Local 104, and other labor allies in the building trades in voicing our concerns to the City Council over the development of the Mel’s Bowl site. ORWC stands with labor in opposition to the proposed housing development at the Mel’s Bowl site unless aggressive efforts are made to include affordable housing into the project and to hire local workers at prevailing wages. ORWC is proud to stand with the local labor community and is grateful for the support and commitment some of them have made to attending to our upcoming “Strike Back Saturday” march against banks and non-union employers on the 18th of February.

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