“It seems as though Michael has become a different person. Music has opened some places inside him that have been closed for a very long time.

Thank you, Connie. You’ve made a big difference in my son’s life, along with the power of music.”

– Rhonda, Mother


“The language flows from Luke during therapy. The movements help his coordination. The music exercises assist in his thought processes. As an added bonus, he thoroughly enjoys his sessions. As a mother, it brings tears to my eyes to witness such a transformation.”

– Diane, Mother


“Music therapy has helped me to use my right hand and arm more than ever. Using my hand is important to me because it makes me feel good inside. Before music therapy I hardly ever used my right hand. It makes me feel whole.”

– Tempestt (pictured)


“I am very pleased to have Sr. Connie teaching David. She taught him many words that he couldn’t say before and his timing in singing is good. He likes to keep the beat.”

– Shirley, Mother


“Ellen seems to come home after music with a mood that is very refreshing to me. She speaks of enjoying her time with Sr. Connie.”

– Dolores, Mother


“Connie has been working with Tom for a little over 2 years. Of all the staff that service Tom, she is the most concerned about his well being. She not only helps him with music, but expresses her concern when Tom has not been so attentive or has not been himself. She is flexible in trying to help him by changing the way she does her therapy when he does not respond, so he can continue to progress. Tom is not a big TV watcher or social bug, so this interaction with Connie is super critical to his care. I would highly recommend Connie so others can enjoy this positive experience. Using music to break through is really a great treatment.”

– Kathy S., Guardian


“Sr. Connie treats Maureen the way she herself would like to be treated. She loves her work. She is very joyful. Sr. Connie and Maureen laugh a lot. We see progress in her behavior and attitude. Mo would pick at sores until she had an open wound and that has stopped.”

– Sandy, Mother


“Shanda has really opened up since starting music therapy. Connie goes above and beyond to help Shanda expand her cognitive skills in well-rounded activities. Shanda is never at a loss for words and can express herself as never before. She is now able to hold a conversation with a group of people, and is comfortable doing so. Her confidence is much improved. She loves Sr. Connie and looks forward to the days they spend together. Sr. Connie is truly a blessing.