Occupy Redwood City Returns to Wells Fargo!


Occupy Redwood City, along with supporters from Occupy Palo Alto, Occupy Mountain View, Occupy San Jose and other local Occupy groups, returned to Wells Fargo in downtown Redwood City to 1. tell customers what Wells Fargo’s crimes are and 2. tells them how to move their money. Wells Fargo is THE WORST BANK for homeowners of color, who are targeted by the bank for predatory lending. Wells Fargo also invests in for-profit prison firms that lobby for stricter criminal sentencing and harsher penalties for undocumented people: in other words, Wells Fargo forecloses on homeowners of color, putting them out on the streets, and then turns around invests in companies that profit off of putting those same people into the prison system.

Many thanks to the Peninsula Peace and Justice Center for giving us the idea for our own Tour of Shame and for providing much of the source material to help us get our flyers and speeches informative and accurate.


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